Restore balance and relieve stress with a chiropractic adjustment featuring the Pro-Adjuster. Manual adjustments also available

Improve harmony and get your charka points balanced, relieve pain and speed healing with an acupuncture session

Muscle tension? No more with our unique electric stimulation therapy which is massaged into your problem muscle groups. Followed by BioFreeze massage by request. Also, check our new product called Alpha-Stim.

Need time to just decompress from the day? Schedule time on our massage rolling table with heat or cold

Benefits of the Pro-Adjuster:
*No “Popping” or “Cracking”
* Can hold adjustments for longer time
* Allows work on all areas of the body, not just the spine
* Very relaxing to patient
* Technology Oriented

Conditions Treated with Chiropractic and Acupuncture:
* Neck and Back Pain
* Headaches/Migraines
* Anxiety/Stress
* Allergies/Sinuses
* Sciatica
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* Shoulder Pain
* Knee and Foot Issues
* Arthritis
* Asthma/Breathing issues
* Insomnia
* Digestive Problems
* Depression
* Blood Pressure Issues
* Constipations/Hemorrhoids
* Psoriasis/Hives
* Sore Throat/Common Cold
* Hormonal Imbalance
* Weight Loss
* Thyroid Issues
* Bladder Problems/Incontinence
* Palliative Care
* Addictions
* TMJ Syndrome
* And Much More…