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Acupuncture can make a difference

Experience the difference Acupuncture can make for you! Did you know that acupuncture can help people with sinus/allergy issues? Call 967-6776 to find out more!

The office will be open this week on Monday, April 18 between 7-12, Tuesday, April 19 between 2-6 and Wednesday, April 20 between 7-12. We will be closed Thursday, April 21, Friday, April 22, and Sunday April 24, and Monday, April 25. We will reopen on Tuesday, April 26 between 2-6.

This link is brought to you by our dear patient, Dick. He is into old movies. Someone took the song Uptown Funk and put dancers from old movies into it. It is really entertaining to watch. See if you recognize some of the dancers!

This joke is from Leonard – corny but cute:

Husband: My wife’s credit card was stolen.

Friend: Have you reported it?

Husband: I wouldn’t think of it. The robber spends far less than she ever did.

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